Re: What is GNOME?

> gfloppy is an example of something I'd like to exclude; it took maybe
> an hour to write. Of course, Jonathan will be a member for other
> reasons, but I don't think someone should get membership just for
> writing something like gfloppy.

Individual pieces of GNOME might not be technologically breaktrough:
it is the collection of these little tools that have made GNOME be
what it is today.

I would definetly consider gfloppy part of the GNOME desktop. 

> What's g-print? That printer desktop icon? Didn't Miguel write that in
> an hour or so?

It is a hack that was never quite finished, and I do not think anyone
is even using it.

> > imlib
> What's the plan when imlib is "axed"? And also, imlib 1 is unmaintained.

imlib1 is being maintained for important bug fixes, but no development
is happening there (that is what was which included a large
set of fixes from the last Raster official 1.9.7 release).

> > libghttp
> Unmaintained.

Seems maintained by its user base, although not by Chris.

> With several of these, such as ggv, gedit, evolution, you open the "do
> apps go in the list" can of worms. Or do only "apps that come with
> Windows also" like Wordpad and Outlook clones go in the list?

ggv should of course go in.  As does Evolution.  


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