Re: [fdn-ann] messaging statement

Bart Decrem <> writes:

> Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > BTW, I do think we should get more people
> > representing the community rather than corporations in the press
> > conference. We have Miguel and then it's all corporate
> > executives. That risks having the press conference sound like lots of
> > corporate stuff, and a little about GNOME.
> I totally agreed.  I brought this up during the first phone conference call with the PR team
> (Nat, Jacob and Miguel participated) and I suggested that any members of the Gnome Steering
> Committee or other Gnome hackers should feel free to join on stage.  So I'm kind of counting
> on that.  So all Gnome steering committee members who will be at LWE are hereby invited to
> join us on stage!

Russ doesn't seem to agree, since he thinks the big news item is about
industry players. I wish we could get consensus on this point.

> OK, I was just thinking about what the news of the day will be.  And I see for pieces of
> news:
> 1- Gnome is getting more organized and creating a Gnome foundation
> 2- All these companies are expressing their support for Gnome
> 3- Open Office is going to get integrated with Gnome Office ("wow, Sun is really embracing
> Gnome")
> 4- Sun is going to adopt Gnome as the Solaris desktop
> I think 2, 3 and 4 are bigger news items than 1 (from the perspective of the NYTimes) and
> will help generate tremendous momentum for Gnome.

I agree. Let's make it one release, then, as long as it covers all
the points effectively. I just don't want 1 to get completely lost in the oinse.

 - Maciej

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