Re: [fdn-ann] messaging statement

Chris DiBona <> writes:

> The only thing I'd be careful about is that you have the staroffice code,
> gpl'd before you make such an announcement. Being premature about this
> could be a very bad thing. Sun has said they will release the code by mid
> october, if they want to release it at linuxworld, then great! But
> otherwise, why get involved with it?

The code will not be released by the announcement, but we are going to
be careful to announce something vague enough that we can hopefully
cover our butts in all circumstances - something more like "We plan to
work to integrate OpenOffice and GNOME Office into a complete office
suite solution for the GNOME desktop" and _not_ like "OpenOffice is
now the official GNOME office suite."

In the unlikely event that Sun backs off, or the code is not suitable
(which I really doubt), we will not be screwed.

But I trust that Sun will do the right thing and that their code will
be fairly high quality.

 - Maciej

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