Re: Latin Extended-B teaser

Today at 2:30, Sander Vesik wrote:

> I think BeginChars - or adjustment to it - may be needed. I have no
> idea what WinInfo does

I believe it saves how are windows of the font layed out once it's
open (something like "session saving").  I'm not sure, but that would
explain why it differs, and that's why I think it doesn't really
belong in the file itself.

>>>What happend during the load?
>> A bunch of:
>>   Internal Error:
>>   Invalid 2nd order spline in SplineRefigure2
> I've seen that myself - it happens whn you screw up - or cause
> pfaedit/fontforge to screw up - while drawing. The only cure to this I
> have been able to find is to delete the character and start from
> scratch, it involves saving, closing and then reopening every once in
> a while.

Since I received it for most of the glyphs (my guess is at least 50,
if not more), I suspect we have incompatible software versions.  I'll
upgrade and try again.


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