Re: Being honest about the development of f-spot

Hello Turgut,

> > Ok, I can not (and would not want to) help with f-spot
> > development, but I could probably help with the migration from
> > f-spot to some other program with well defined database format
> > (which, by the way, f-spot certainly has not --- and as the author
> > of f_spot_cleanup, , I
> > know what I am talking about :-). 
> > 
> > If you think that would be useful, let me know where to you would
> > like to migrate, and if there are enough people proclaiming
> > interest, I'll hack something together to export your f-spot
> > database to that target.
> Thanks. Indeed it would be very nice to have these scripts (I have
> seen the other post about tne existing script for digikam). 

That's actually just for adding tags (faces found by my face-detection
and identification suit, ) to digikam
(and could be improved some, to become even more compatible to
digikam's inbuild face detection, which I found lacking --- but then,
I'm biased :-)

> I will bug you for it once I figure what I want to use.

Please do.

> Unfortunately, I do not know what to switch to yet because , in
> fact, I love the feature/bug that your "cleanup" script
> adddresses. I keep a large archive of all my photos on a desktop
> computer with a large RAID array and I keep a copy of the database
> and the latest few sets on my laptop. By using a common path with a
> bunch of symbolic links, I am able to add/edit the database/photos
> on my laptop and just move the files to the archival location
> smoothly.  Last time I tried neither shotwell nor digikam allowed
> this but perhaps things have changed. Do you know of any other
> software that has such "bugs"? :)

While I do not actively know about such software, I would suspect that
many will do this is not only the file, but the entire directory is
missing (that certainly is the default for f_spot_cleanup), so you
could try that; alternatively, it is quite possible that there are
programs out there which only validate the database when asked to do
so, and those might work too (also that would be a bit risky)...

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