Being honest about the development of f-spot

Greetings from your Debian and Ubuntu maintainer,

f-spot hasn't seen any substantive code commit for several months
now[0]. While development was rapid and exciting when Ruben took over,
this momentum has sadly stalled, and I think we'll all agree that
serious bug fixing and UI effort is needed. I have to admit that I've
been recently using Shotwell because the experience just feels nicer.

I've come to the upsetting conclusion that f-spot ought to be declared
dormant until a new maintainer comes along to lead the project. In
particular, without the prospect of bugs being looked at, I'd like to
stop shipping it in distribution releases. It's especially going to be
left behind with the migration to newer GNOME 3 technologies, not least
of which is GTK+3.

Do the developers agree?

Sad regards,

Iain Lane                                  [ iain orangesquash org uk ]
Debian Developer                                   [ laney debian org ]
Ubuntu Developer                                   [ laney ubuntu com ]
PhD student                                       [ ial cs nott ac uk ]


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