Re: Being honest about the development of f-spot

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 10:18 PM, Iain Lane <laney debian org> wrote:

Greetings from your Debian and Ubuntu maintainer,
>f-spot hasn't seen any substantive code commit for several months
>now[0]. While development was rapid and exciting when Ruben took over,
>this momentum has sadly stalled, and I think we'll all agree that
>serious bug fixing and UI effort is needed. I have to admit that I've
>been recently using Shotwell because the experience just feels nicer.
>I've come to the upsetting conclusion that f-spot ought to be declared
>dormant until a new maintainer comes along to lead the project. In
>particular, without the prospect of bugs being looked at, I'd like to
>stop shipping it in distribution releases. It's especially going to be
>left behind with the migration to newer GNOME 3 technologies, not least
>of which is GTK+3.
>Do the developers agree?

>>Absolutely. I've been wanting to blog on this matter for a while now, but I've never gotten round to doing that. Sad but correct. 

It is really sad and worrisome for me. I have not seen any other application that can replace f-spot for me. Neither shotwell or digikam do certain things that f-spot does. Plus, the potential hurdles of the migration process give me headaches. 

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