Re: FSpotFS

Excerpts from Fabian Kneißl's message of Thu Jun 03 07:12:19 -0300 2010:
> Great work! Really neat!
> Am 03.06.2010 10:44, schrieb Robin Clarke:
> >     * AFAIK FUSE filesystems, should be mounted as the user so that the
> >       user (and only the user) sees it when she runs "mount".  As-is, it
> >       is mounted as root, and as a result my user cannot unmount/remount
> >       the fs.  I guess if I can unmount/remount as my user, then the
> >       advantage of caching the tags above would outweigh realtime querying.
> For me, unmounting works ("fusermount -u ~/.photos"). Also, when I type 
> in "mount", I see the option "user=[YOUR-USERNAME]" added. The only 
> thing that is a bit confusing is that the files belong to root:root (and 
> thus as you noticed also other users could possibly see/read the files).

Yes, that's correct. The issue is caused by wrongly uid/gid assignment on
the file/directory structures used by FUSE, by default they are
initialized on 0 which means root. I'll fix this soon.


> ~ Fabian
Matías Aguirre <matiasaguirre gmail com>

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