Re: FSpotFS

Hey Matias,

I tried it out - pretty neat!  Great work!
I had to make a small change on lines 29 and 353 to allow database version 17.1

Some points:
  • When I make changes in the database (add new tags, change tag names), these aren't rendered in the mounted folder, but old tags which no longer exist still render a file list.  Could it be that the database is being loaded once on initialisation, cached and not queried again?
  • AFAIK FUSE filesystems, should be mounted as the user so that the user (and only the user) sees it when she runs "mount".  As-is, it is mounted as root, and as a result my user cannot unmount/remount the fs.  I guess if I can unmount/remount as my user, then the advantage of caching the tags above would outweigh realtime querying.
  • If you make changes to a photo (crop, Gimp etc.), another version is created.  The default_version is defined in the photos table, but it seems your script takes the filename direct from the photos table, and not the photo_versions table.  Possible to change?
Sorry - I don't have the python/fuse skills yet to DIY.  If you give me access on github I can commit those two lines I changed above though. :)

On 31/05/10 23:59, Matias Aguirre wrote:
Hi list,

A new subscriber here but one that uses F-Stop for about an year now,
congrats for the hard work.

Wanted to add my little grain of sand to the project, I've developed a
python based FUSE filesystem to F-Spot. This is a project developed a long
time ago but recently updated and uploaded to github. It lacks write
access at the moment, but would be implemented in a near future, maybe :)

Grab a copy from and play a bit with it,
feedback is well welcome.

Hope you enjoy it,

Best winds,

# We won the Inside Vancouver competition - thanks for your votes!

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