Massive, massive, massive memory leak

Hi people.

I've been floating back and forth between f-spot, picasa and digikam for quite a while. Suffice to say I can't find one that really sits well with me. Now I've found a blocker to using f-spot at all. I can't import my photos. I have them all backed up on an external usb drive. When I select the folder to import from f-spot ( many versions for the past couple of years, ubuntu, gentoo, sabayon ), f-spot quickly chews up all my memory and brings down the whole system. Occasionally I've been able to open an xterm, open top, and kill it. Sometimes not.

I've searched through the list archives, and see people pointing the finger at libexif. But this has been going on for years. Is anyone actually working on it? mentions that 'Larry' was working on removing the libexif dependancy. If this is not possible, surely we could do a quick hack to mop things up every 100 photos processed, or something, so f-spot is usable? Maybe I'm missing something. I'm not a C# developer. But seriously, WTF?

What options other than libexif are there? Has any coding begun? If someone points me in the right direction, I am considering looking into a solution - including fixing libexif if this is where the problem actually is.


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