Re: Flaky Dragging and Dropping of tags

Dougie Nisbet wrote:
Is it just me? I've noticed with no discernible consistency that dragging and dropping tags is flaky. Most of the time it's fine, but sometimes, usually when dragging a tag from one parent to another, that it takes a few attempts. Usually I assume it's because I'm being lazy on the mouse but sometimes I just can't get it to work at at all, and end up using 'Edit Tag' (and all the scrolling that that involves) to put a tag into the right place.

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Can I just confirm that nobody else gets this problem? If so, I'll assume it's something to do with my setup and I need to investigate further.

A couple of things I need to nail down.

1. Does it just happen on one PC?
2. Quitting and Restarting f-spot often seems to make a difference.
3. Everything seems ok for prospective Tag move, but action erratic. i.e. Target parent tag highlights when moused over and dragging source tag, and all looks ok, but when mouse released, tag either doesn't move, or goes to the wrong place.

If it's ME-specific, it might be a KVM switch thing, or a laser mouse thing, and I'll make a point of putting some time aside to try and nail it down. The thing that makes me think it MIGHT not just be me, is the point 3. above, where the tag move looks like it's going to work fine, but doesn't.

I'll try and do a bit more tag moving on my laptop with touchpad mouse and see if it happens there.

If I get no response to this post I'll assume it's just me getting this problem and start looking into my config in more detail.


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