Re: The timestamp thing

OK - so we all agree that something should be done (and will). That
said, Stephane, for those of us that are interested in this fix, is it
too much to ask that you describe the planned fix and anything that we
might be able to do to help?

I think it might help everybody here to understand why just taking out
the code (as others have done) isn't really a solution, and maybe to
help us help make something happen.

Also, I have to say that conversation doesn't write code, but it does
write GOOD code. I know it must be frustrating that everybody is up in
arms about this bug, but we're here cause we want to talk to make the
thing better...or at least that was my thought.

Michael Lissner
mlissner michaeljaylissner com

Paul Wellner Bou wrote on 11/05/2009 01:50 AM:
> Hi Stephane,
> I keep commenting on this issue although you know my opinion.
> Stephane Delcroix wrote:
>> List,
>>     That issue is _not_ ignored at all, and is on my top 3 priority list
>> (that list is public btw). It's not solved yet cause a proper fix is a
>> huge thing to do, that require rewriting a lot of parts of f-spot.
> Although I am far away from your development, mono and f-spot
> knowledge and experience: The bug is ignored, as this bug is easy to
> fix. What might be more complicated is the implementation of a proper
> time and time zone handling. But fixing f-spot so that the exif time
> is not touched was even possible for me.
>>     If you're under the impression that I'm ignoring it, you're not
>> looking
>> closely enough, or not on the right time scale. I just stopped
>> discussing it over and over again cause discussion doesn't write code.
> I spent more time in discussions as in writing code as the approach I
> wrote is working. Although you said that "not touching the exif date
> would be the worst solution", I have no idea which approach would be
> acceptable by you. If I'd know it, I'd start coding.
> But I don't think I am the only one with the opinion that not touching
> the exif date would be the best solution.
> Regards
> Paul.
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