Re: The timestamp thing

On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 1:43 PM, Brian J. Murrell <brian interlinx bc ca> wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-11-05 at 09:11 +0100, Stephane Delcroix wrote:
>> List,
>>       That issue is _not_ ignored at all, and is on my top 3 priority list
>> (that list is public btw). It's not solved yet cause a proper fix is a
>> huge thing to do, that require rewriting a lot of parts of f-spot.
>>       If you're under the impression that I'm ignoring it, you're not looking
>> closely enough, or not on the right time scale. I just stopped
>> discussing it over and over again cause discussion doesn't write code.
> That's all fair enough.  But I have two points to make:
> First: until a proper fix is made, how difficult is it to revert/NOOP
> the code that is making changes so that until they are properly handled,
> timestamps are untouched?

I don't think this has any chance to happen, but I still hope we can
have a real fix or a transient hacky one ASAP...

> Second: now that the timestamps of so many people's photos have been
> mangled by f-spot, a tool within f-spot to manually adjust timestamps of
> selected photos would be desired, if not required.

Such a tool has been available in f-spot for quite a long time: edit /
set the date  (translated from french, so it may not be the exact

Best regards

Aurélien Naldi

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