Re: database version problem

I have created a merge request for being able to manually reparent and
detach photos a couple of weeks ago on Gitorious.

Still waiting for it to be merged, though.


On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 9:14 AM, Paul Wellner Bou<paul purecodes org> wrote:
>> I've been looking for something similar since a long time!  What would
>> be awesome, though, is an easy way to select two pictures, and link them
>> as versions.  A situtation in which this kind of plugin would be great
>> is linking pictures taken while doing bracketing.  Or linking pictures
>> meant to be stitched into a panorama.
> I agree. I am thinking in a plugin doing exactly this for a long time and I
> have planned to add it to my set of F-Spot plugins
> (
> Unfortunately I don't think I'll have much time for this the next weeks...
> Regards
> Paul.
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