Re: database version problem

Hi Jack,

Is there any reason not to use 0.6? Why do you want to stick with 0.4?

The "newer" version is not because of sqlite2/sqlite3 (or not only).
There are some database schema changes, so the tables/columns are not
the same. I don't think there is a automatic way to convert a 0.6
photos.db to a 0.4 schema. But it should be possible with not too much
work to do this manually -- or at least the tags after importing the
photos into 0.4 again.

By the way: If you didn't deactivate "Write metadata to files", F-Spot
writes the tags into the JPGs (not RAW or others). So in this case
(besides corrupting your JPG dates), you will keep the tags -- but not
the icons and not the tag hierarchy.


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