Re: importing and saving of pictures

Hi stephane,

> The fact that f-spot does not move the file on date change is, indeed, a
> bug. You can file it in bugzilla.

Thanks, I filed it here:

I also filed a second bug regarding folder depth:

> If you want to update the metadatas in the files (for further reimport),
> check the 'Write Metadata to file' checkbox in the Preferences Dialog.

So, if you check that checkbox, all changes I make to the files in the
collection are saved to the file automatically, or do I have to do
something? And, to what file? The original or the one f-spot created in
the Photos folder? What if I didn't have it copy the file to the Photos

> If you don't want to copy the file while dragging a folder, press shift
> while dragging (as described in the docs).

Cool. Didn't know that.

Yet, I'd like to let f-spot import my pictures, if only it could do it
the way I like it.

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