Re: Facebook add-in

On Dec 27, 2007 3:21 PM, Stephane Delcroix <stephane delcroix org> wrote:
the facebook extension as distributed on require,
IIRC, a svn version of f-spot. I had to do some API changes in f-spot
for facebook...

My misunderstanding. I understood from the bug report that it would work in 0.4.1.

y, it may be a bit confusing... for the next release, I'll try (no
promises) to split the extensions in 2 repositories: one stable targeted
to released version, and another one targeted at svn users...

This would be fantastic. Any way I could help?

and does the ubuntu pkg include all the fixes from FSPOT_0_4_1 ???

I have no idea. I would assume so? From what I understand, it's just 0.4.1 with some minor patches.

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