Re: Facebook add-in

On Thu, 2007-12-27 at 21:21 +0100, Stephane Delcroix wrote:
> the facebook extension as distributed on require,
> IIRC, a svn version of f-spot. I had to do some API changes in f-spot
> for facebook...
> y, it may be a bit confusing... for the next release, I'll try (no
> promises) to split the extensions in 2 repositories: one stable targeted
> to released version, and another one targeted at svn users...
> and does the ubuntu pkg include all the fixes from FSPOT_0_4_1 ???

BTW what is the rationale for not shipping extension with releases?
Going through the process of selecting repository and downloading
extension is less user friendly than having them shipped by default.
There is a decent amount of *essential* functionality that is not
provided by the default to the user.


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