Re: Time Issues.

Bengt Thuree wrote:
Since F-Spot do change the time in EXIF to a UTC (based on the computer)
time, and do not handle timezone's yet there will always be a problem
with time's in F-Spot. I can see two solutions, 1) Do not manipulate the time in EXIF at all, at least then we know what
we have :) No matter from which camera we import the photos.
2) Add a timezone field to each photo. This solution is the best, but
currently mono is not handling timezone's. (will handle it not to far
into the future though).

I finally had some time over Christmas to undo the damage caused to my files.

I wrote a little script (attached) that uses exiftime (from exiftags) to read the DateDigitized tag from each JPEG recursively and set the other Date fields to the same value. Exiftime is smart enough to only modify files as needed.

The "Software: f-spot" exif tag was left alone, as it's harmless.

Note: don't just arbitrarily run this script, as it works recursively from the directory where the script is and could to damage if you're happy with your dates. :)

In the end, the only way to run f-spot is with writing metadata to files disabled, and with TZ=UTC in the environment, so that the photos are imported into the proper folders (and not the date five hours ahead).

Perhaps someone else will find the script useful.

Merry Christmas!

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