Re: Terminology

However, if pictures can belong to more than one "album" then I
disagree with the use of the term "album". "Album" has connotations in
the real world, where a photo can belong to only one album. We have an
unused term "collection" that might be a better term than "album". And
you do mention that it is a 'collection' that you visualize:

> Conceptually (to me at least), I consider an album to be 'a sorted
> collection of photos suitable to present to someone'.

So we will drop the term "album" and use collection instead, with it's
new meaning.

I think do not agree.

We have replaced a term that users are familiar with (Album) with a
term which fails to clearly convey to the users what it achieves,
furthurmore the way in which collections has been defined (in v0.3 of
the naming spec) describes the way that an Album exists in the real

For example. consider an album of music which has a clearly defined
order, and also shares the other properties described as a collection.

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