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Dotan Cohen wrote:
I see that the time has come to define certain terms for our own
internal use. Please review my suggestions for definitions of these
terms, and we can make them official.

Plugin/Extension: This is any third-party addition to F-spot. We need
to pick one name and use it- I vote for "Plugin"

sounds reasonable.

Photo: One image that was produced by a digital camera, graphics
program, or scanned image. An alternative word is "picture".

Also sounds reasonable.

Tag: An arbitrary word or phrase added to a photo (by an end-user) to
decribe the photo. A photo may have multiple tags, and a tag can be
assigned to more than one photo.


Album: A group of photos that are kept together. A photo belonging to
a particular album is said to be "in" the album- thus the same photo
cannot be in any other album. If the user wants to have the same image
(the visual part of a photo) in more than one album, then he must
duplicate the Photo containing the image and place the duplicate in
the second album. Furthermore, every image must belong to an album.

I disagree quite strongly here with the idea of each photo belonging to exactly one album. This seems very artificial, and would be *very* annoying to me.

Conceptually (to me at least), I consider an album to be 'a sorted collection of photos suitable to present to someone'. I would use albums to organize photos I might upload to flickr, or photos that I want to show to someone in a particular order to highlight a trip or a particular photo project. I **WILL** regularly need to have a single photo represented in multiple albums - but I definitely do not want it duplicated, both for disk space issues, and because if I touch it up in one album, I don't want to have to manually find and update all of the other copies.

I'm also not sure why every photo needs to be in an album. When I'm uploading a set of new photos, I might not yet have decided which albums each photo should go in.

I've described what I think is a very reasonable use case at the bottom of this email highlighting why photos need to be in multiple albums.

Library/Collection: A group of albums. This would contain all the
photos that a particular installation of F-spot is designed to handle.
We need to pick one name and use it- I vote for "Library".

Makes sense - I also like "Library". An important thing to note is that I think the 'Library' is the right place to put the photos.db file, not the album as you suggested in a previous email. moving photos between albums in a library needs to be quick and easy. Moving photos between libraries needs to be possible, but it can be slower and more complex.

Touchup: A change to an image that is made to correct camera error,
such as red-eye reduction.

Modify: A change to an image that is made to alter the content of the
photo, such as removing your aunt from the photo.

Hmm. The distinction here seems blurry... Is adjusting the brightness/contrast a touchup or a modify? By these definitions it depends on the intent of the change --- if I adjust the brightness cause the camera took a picture that is too dark, it's a touch up... but if I adjust the brightness so that the person hiding in the shadows isn't visible any more, it's a modify.

What's the point of this distinction? why do we need two terms for a change to a photo?

Please let me know if these definitions are fitting, and could we
ratify them? I think that common terminology is critical for
communicating ideas between users and developers. If someone will open
for me an account to the wiki (username "dotancohen", please) then I
will maintain the terminology list.

I agree completely that having a set of agreed upon terms is very important. I agree with most of the terms you've set up. Album is the only one I really strongly disagree with.

See bug #352669 for ideas about organising the albums (ie: organising
the library) in F-spot. One question still remains, however. What
should we call the group of photos that arise when modifing a photo,
for example with red-eye remover?

I'll look at this bug when I have net access again...


Album Use Case

Fred takes a trip to the botanical gardens. He takes several hundred pictures of the gardens. There are a lot of pictures of flowers, and some pictures of his wife. He had forgotten to upload the 50 pictures he had taken of some flowers in his back yard before going to the gardens.

Fred uploads all of the pictures into f-spot

Fred already has an album entitled "Great Pictures of Betty" (his wife) - he takes the best 4 or 5 pictures of his wife from the gardens and puts them in this album as well.

Fred puts the first 50 pictures from his back yard in his "Pictures from the back yard" album.

Fred takes the best 5 or 10 pictures of flowers from the entire set of new photos (his backyard *and* the botantical gardens) and puts them in his "Best Flower Pics" album.

Fred creates an album of photos representing his trip to the botanical gardens - he puts all of the photos from the botanical gardens in this album.

Dotan Cohen
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