Re: Missing features

On Fri, 2006-04-14 at 14:53 +0200, Anders Bo Rasmussen wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 14, 2006 at 04:27:11PM +0400, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> > > The jpeg crop does not seem to be lossless. Lossless jpeg crop is a
> > > feature I think is important.
> > 
> > Mmm? JPEG has a lossy nature no matter how hard you try :) Did you
> > mean 100% compression quality (like in GIMP)?
> Some operations like rotating 90 degrees and croping can be done lossless.
> A description:
> I used this program before (with wine):
> it is a GUI-frontend to jpegtran:

Yeah, cropping jpegs at the the coefficient is neat and I'd like to have
it in.  This would happen as part of the redesign of the editing system
that always seems to end up getting put off.  Feel free to file
enhancement bugs.


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