Re: Missing features

> > Ah, finally someone to shoot RAW+JPEG! Could you please tell me
> > offlist why you need that? :)
> Since I don't have programs to modify raw right now I'm using the jpegs.
> If I for some image need the raw-file I'll have it because I store both.

Same here.

I'd prefer to use just RAW, but my while my wife is still using OSX
it's going to have to be jpg. She likes the Gimp, and I can't find a
decent RAW editor for OSX. For our hobby photography, the expensive
Apple or Adobe software isn't really realistic, especially with an
upcomming switch to just Linux.

Once she's switched over, we'll just do RAW and use f-spot, but for
now, we have to take both. It'll be at least a year before she

I'd find the say-images-are-the-same feature very usefull.
Michael Moore
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