Re: Missing features

On 4/14/06, Anders Bo Rasmussen wrote:

> The jpeg crop does not seem to be lossless. Lossless jpeg crop is a
> feature I think is important.

Mmm? JPEG has a lossy nature no matter how hard you try :) Did you
mean 100% compression quality (like in GIMP)?

> The opposite feature would also be great. My camera can record the
> images in both jpeg and raw at the same time. Even though it is two
> different input files they should only appear as two different versions
> in the database.

Ah, finally someone to shoot RAW+JPEG! Could you please tell me
offlist why you need that? :)

> The last feature is one that I probably not would use very much - but
> would be nice to have. I would like to be able to search in the database
> according to the exiftags. E.g. if I remember that I have taken a
> picture of a specific person and I can remember that the focal length
> was high or the shutter time was fast, then it would be great if I could
> search on both the tag for the person and the exiftags.

I suppose you'll be granted with it automagically as soon as grouping
by EXIF tags works.


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