Missing features

I have the following problems and I have checked that they are not on
the To_Do page. I hope someone else would also find these features

"Copy location" could be better when modified images are selected. If I
have selected some images and want to copy them with cp in my shell I
get problems, because I might have cropped some of the files. That give
me a string like:

/long/path/img_117 (Modified).jpeg /long/path/img_118.jpeg /long/path/img_119 (Modified(2)).jpeg

This string can't be used like:

cp /long/path/img_117 (Modified).jpeg /long/path/img_118.jpeg /long/path/img_119 (Modified(2)).jpeg .

since it contains spaces and parenthesis. And it is not easy to split
the string into multiple strings where each string is a filename since
space can both be a delimiter or a part of a filename. I know 
3 solution that would solve my problem:

1. Avoid using spaces and parenthesis in automaticly generated filenames
2. Escape spaces and parenthesis when making the string in "Copy location"
3. Use line break as a delimiter in the "Copy location" string.

I think I would prefer both solution 1 and solution 2 at the same time.
Then it would work with all the files that I have and I will not get
more files with strange filenames.

The jpeg crop does not seem to be lossless. Lossless jpeg crop is a
feature I think is important.

Sometimes I would like two different crops of the same picture to appear
in the database as two pictures with different tags. E.g. it is possible
to get two different pictures by cropping two different persons from the same
picture. So it would be great if both versions of the original picture
could appear as a real picture.

The opposite feature would also be great. My camera can record the
images in both jpeg and raw at the same time. Even though it is two
different input files they should only appear as two different versions
in the database.

I think is great that Date, Size and Exposure is displayed in bottom
left corner. But sometimes I would like other data to be displayed
there, like camera model or focal length. I think the user should be
able to specify which data should be shown there.

The last feature is one that I probably not would use very much - but
would be nice to have. I would like to be able to search in the database
according to the exiftags. E.g. if I remember that I have taken a
picture of a specific person and I can remember that the focal length
was high or the shutter time was fast, then it would be great if I could
search on both the tag for the person and the exiftags.

I hope that I am not the only one thinking these features would be



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