Re: [Evolution] Problem adding more than one Google calendar to Evolution

On Thu, 2022-04-28 at 11:55 +0200, Jaroslaw Rafa wrote:
I don't use Gmail at all.

okay, no problem, then you can just disable it once you finish the new
account wizard (you can also File->New->Collection Account, but there's
a similar "problem" to disable parts you do not use in the
Edit->Accounts (select the top account name and click Edit button on
the right).

It works, so why change it?

I thought you started this thread, because it doesn't work :) Just
kidding. I fully understand your concern, we are on the same boat, once
I make things work I keep them using until they break too.

Maybe grey out the calendar selection button when defining the new
calendar for first time, and add an explanatory message like "will be
available after the calendar is set up" or something like this?

Not really, newer version of Evolution has this fixed.

That's the price of the LTS distros (all of them), you do not get
recent fixes unless there's a strong demand and the package maintainer
is willing (and when it's possible at the first place) to backport the
related change.

That being said, you can use only the calendar part of the Google
account and still use OAuth2 with a collection account (with which you
get an advantage to have synced list of calendars automatically, with
no need of manual import of the respective calendars). You can do that
also when you enter the Google account in the GNOME Online Accounts (or
Ubuntu Online Accounts, if that still exists in your version of the
Ubuntu), where you can disable the parts you do not want to use too.
Note the Calendar part covers calendars, task lists and memo lists,
these are not separated into specific options.


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