Re: [Evolution] Problem adding more than one Google calendar to Evolution

Dnia 27.04.2022 o godz. 22:55:40 Jaroslaw Rafa pisze:

Can there be only one "Google" type calendar defined in Evolution? If not,
how to define additional calendars?

Well, right after asking this, I found a solution :)

Defining an additional Google calendar in Evolution must be done in two

First, the calendar needs to be defined as default (without clicking the
button that allows to select calendar). Click "OK" and the calendar is

Then right-click the just defined calendar in the calendar list and select
"Preferences" from the menu. Now you can click on that button and change the
default calendar to the one you want.

Not so easy to find out... :(
   Jaroslaw Rafa
   raj rafa eu org
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