Re: [Evolution] Problem adding more than one Google calendar to Evolution

On Wed, 2022-04-27 at 23:22 +0200, Jaroslaw Rafa wrote:
Not so easy to find out... :(

well, just to clarify things: your version (3.36.5) is old, the current
stable version (3.44.1) has many fixes; your version had been released
on 2020-08-07, that's quite a long time ago.

Anyway, is there any reason why not to let Evolution find your Google
calendars on its own? When you create a new Google mail account, it
asks you at the very end whether you want to add also calendars (and
contacts in the newer version). When you check that you get things for
free. The mail part can be disabled in Edit->Accounts, when it comes to
it, but I guess you use it too.

In other words, you seem to pick the most complicated method for some
reason. I can understand it looks straightforward, just add a calendar
in File->New->Calendar makes sense. I do not know whether there could
be done any better way to suggest other methods in this New Calendar
dialog, to make it simpler for the users.

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