[Evolution] Evolution 3.44.0 (flathub) password update issue

Hey all, 
Sorry if i have any message formatting wrong.. 

I'm using Evolution 3.44.0 (flathub) on Zorin 15.3..
Updated the password on one of my gmail addresses (changed none of the
account settings in Evolution), and now Evolution gives error message
"failed to refresh access token. Sign to the server again, please." and
"Login to your Google account and accept conditions in order to access
your mail account "(account name ; account name". "

I made no other changes to the profile (before or after changing the
It was working fine before the password change.. (gmail won't allow
roll-back to previously used passwords. )

This is the only account affected - all other gmail accounts are still
working in Evolution, and all accounts have the same port settings, TLS
settings, 0Auth2 settings, with not typos.. .

No new conditions were presented in my google account to accept.

Disabling the account and using the wizard to create a new one
(slightly different name  so i could tell original from new) gave the
same error. 

How do I "refresh access token" or fix this?
I'm not a programmer.. 

Keep in touch..

Tim Ehrenhaft
Skype: reverandtimothy 
US: 931.444.5239
EU: 372.5335.9733

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