[Evolution] Status of Meeting that has been cancelled not showing in Calendar

I subscribe to a online Calendar, there is an event tonight that has been cancelled as the speaker has Covid. The organiser has told me that he has changed the status to cancelled but the meeting is still showing as happening in Evolution Calendar.

I have tried changing the refresh interval from 3 to 1 hours and waited for a couple of hours. I have also tried a manual refresh.

The meeting cannot be edited as it is on an external site but the header shows the status box as ticked even though it cannot be edited.

I cannot see the raw '.ics' file to see if the cancelled status has been sent.

Any clues on how I diagnose the problem or correct it ?

I note that even if I create an appointment on my local calendar I cannot change the dispaly of the status - it it ticked but still greyed out.


John Murrell

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