Re: [Evolution] Status of Meeting that has been cancelled not showing in Calendar

On Fri, 2022-04-15 at 18:49 +0100, John Murrell wrote:
I subscribe to a online Calendar

being it an online calendar, how do you connect to it, please? Is it
through an .ics file, aka On The Web calendar, or a CalDAV calendar, or
anything else?

The organiser has told me that he has changed the status to cancelled

There might depend how precisely it was done, together with the method
you get the calendar event with, and the way how the organizer's
software propagates the change to the event on the server. The change
usually changes also "last modification time", which tells Evolution(-
data-server) to update the event content on Refresh.

I have also tried a manual refresh.

Right, it's the easiest way to get the current changes from the server.
The refresh itself can take some time, depending on the calendar size
and other aspects. I mean, it's not always instant.

The meeting cannot be edited as it is on an external site

Or because it's organized by someone else.

but the header shows the status box as ticked even though it cannot
be edited.

The status box is not a tick/check box, it has several values. Are we
talking about the same "Status" field?

I cannot see the raw '.ics' file to see if the cancelled status
has been sent.

Right-click the event and pick "Save as iCalendar". It works for any
event in the calendar.

Any clues on how I diagnose the problem or correct it ?

You seem to try all the things I would try too. Depending on the way
you connected the calendar with, you can try to move away
and then restart the background evolution-data-server processes, say
   $ evolution --force-shutdown
and then start Evolution. It will cache the remote content locally from
scratch, which can load updated event in case it had not changed the
"last modification time" or other means to detect the event changed.


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