Re: [Evolution] Office365 multiple shared calendars from an account

On Wed, 2021-09-08 at 15:06 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
I got the share invite, but when I click on the button it takes me to where I had already configured the calendar. It doesn't
try and configure it within Evolution. (I'm on 3.40.4 BTW.)

could you check the headers of the attachment/message, please?
Eventually, if you do not mind, send the invite only to me, attached,
maybe zipped, with the IDs and other sensitive information
malformed/censored. It can be they changed the message format, thus
evolution doesn't detect it as the sharing invitation, thus it does not
provide "its own button" for it.

In the share invite there's an XML attachment "sharing_metadata.xml"
and that contains a number of IDs. I've tried both the one labelled
"FolderId" (about 93 characters) and "MailboxId" (about 400 characters)
but both come up with "Id is malformed" ...

Right, that's expected. Those IDs are EntryIDs, not EWS IDs. You can
look at:
for a way to convert those. A tricky part is the authentication, if you
use OAuth2, but even that can be done when you copy the authentication
header from the evolution (EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution) into the curl command
from the link above.


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