Re: [Evolution] Office365 multiple shared calendars from an account

On Wed, 2021-09-08 at 14:40 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Wed, 2021-09-08 at 12:39 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
I've been subscribed to a single shared calendar from a delegated
account on an Office365 tenancy for a long time.  The account has
just added another calendar that I need to use and I can't work out
how to subscribe to it.  Any hints?

do it the same as before, "File->Subscribe to folder of other EWS
user..." and fill the details there, just insted of predefined default
folder name use the folder ID. The tricky part might be to figure out
the folder/calendar ID, as the new calendar is probably not the default
Calendar. The 3.40.x can handle the share invitation mails, if you
received any. You just click the button in it and that's all.

I got the share invite, but when I click on the button it takes me to where I had already configured the calendar. It doesn't
try and configure it within Evolution. (I'm on 3.40.4 BTW.)

option is to configure the shared account on one machine in Evolution,
go to the Calendar view, find that calendar there, right-click it and
choose "Permissions..." from context menu. There is shown the Folder
ID, which can be copied and then pasted to the "Subscribe to folder of
other EWS user" dialog.

I only have delegate access to the account so I can't configure it
directly and that permissions menu is not there for calendars shared to

 The folder ID is quite long, make sure you copy
it completely. I currently do not know if there are other/easier ways
to get the folder ID.

In the share invite there's an XML attachment "sharing_metadata.xml"
and that contains a number of IDs. I've tried both the one labelled
"FolderId" (about 93 characters) and "MailboxId" (about 400 characters)
but both come up with "Id is malformed" when I put them in the
"Subscribe to folder of other EWS user" dialog.  But they also don't
look like the folder ID of my own calendars that I can see - the one in
the invitation email is a string of hex digits, whereas it looks like
it should be alphanumeric.

I have also (obviously?) tried using the calendar name in the Subscribe
box and it doesn't like that.


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