Re: [Evolution] Initial run moved many emails from IMAP folders to Junk

On 8/31/21 12:40 AM, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Sat, 2021-08-21 at 15:53 -0700, John A via evolution-list wrote:
1) Could it be that evolution is getting confused trying to interpret
these thunderbird "Junk" designations?

2) Does evolution interpret these thunderbird flags?

yes, and yes. The "Junk" flag is shared between the applications, thus
they both understand them the same way.

What Pete said about default virtual Junk/Trash folders is correct with
a little exception, since some not so recent version of Evolution (or
better libcamel from the evolution-data-server) the first run after an
IMAP account being configured, it asks the IMAP server for the folder
types and if some are recognized then they are assigned to the folders
in the account settings. This includes Drafts, Sent, Junk and Trash
folders. As both the Dovecot and Courier, you named, support this
special folder flags, the IMAP account found the folders and turned
virtual folders into real folders for the Junk and Trash. After that
begun the download of the folders' content. As you had marked some
messages as Junk from the earlier days, they had been moved to the real
Junk folder according to the settings. Being it a virtual folder,
nothing would be moved.

As you use multiple clients to connect to your servers, I suggest you
go to Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts->IMAP Account->Edit->Defaults
tab and turn off the real Junk and Trash folders, which will use the
virtual folders, thus it will not move the messages around. Such change
may need restart of the Evolution to take into effect fully. You may
also turn off the Junk filtering for the account on the Receiving
Options tab in the account Properties.


Hello Milan,

Thank you for your clarification! With that additional information, I think the behavour I observed is all 

I will disable SPAM detection completely. (I agree with Pete that this is best done server-side)

However, I have been a little hesitant to start evolution at all, given concern that it will start moving 
files around again.

Follow up question:

If I want to start evolution, and have it not perform any data parsing or categorization, is it adequate to 

evolution --offline

Thank you again, along with Pete and others who have helped me understand the application...

John Andrews
San Diego CA

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