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From: Aaron N via evolution-list <evolution-list gnome org>
Subject: [Evolution] help pls, if possible
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 11:42:14 +0000

Hi, pls assist if possible, I am a newbie to Evolution mail, I keep
getting errors and unable to sync, (screenshots attached), and I do
not know how to delete an account from Evolution as well. If anybody
can assist, I would be truly grateful.

Hi Aaron
You seem to be using Gnome desktop (as opposed to KDE, etc.), so be
aware that there are two ways to connect a gmail account to Evolution.
One is directly through Evolution, the other is through the Gnome
desktop environment.  You claim to be new to Evo (Evolution), so I'll
make a rather detailed explanation of what the these options are.

If you used the Gnome Settings panel to create an 'online account' for
your gmail address, then evolution picks this up automatically and
shows it as a mailbox (even though you won't have set it up in Evo,
this happens automatically). In this case, you configure (and remove)
this account in Gnome by (usually clicking the top right corner of the
screen) selecting "settings", and then scroll down to find "@ Online

The other way to tell which how you've added your Gmail account is to
look in Evolution, open Edit|Preferences|Mail Accounts. If you see a
little icon (round blue icon on my system) beside your gmail account
(but no "Enabled" radio button), then your gmail account configuration
is in Gnome and not Evo. 

So once you have figured out whether the account was entered into
Evolution or Gnome, you can try removing the account from there, and
adding it instead to the other option (if Gnome, then try in Evo; if in
Evo, then remove it and try in Gnome).

See if that helps.

Alex Doll, M.AusIMM
Alex G Doll Consulting Ltd
m. +1-778-388-2444  alex doll agdconsulting ca

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