Re: [Evolution] help pls, if possible

On Thu, 2021-11-25 at 12:35 +0100, Andre Klapper via evolution-list
Is that GMail account configured in Evolution itself, or via "Online

the 400 Bad Request is suspicious. There is a similar year old thread,
but with no resolution.

If the account is configured directly in Evolution, could you install
`seahorse`, then run it, and in the Passwords search for "Evolution
Data Source - Google[your_email_address]" and delete it. Then restart
all evolution and evolution-data-server processes with:

   $ evolution --force-shutdown

Maybe the stored credentials broke for some reason. Once you start
Evolution again you will be prompted to enter the OAuth2 credentials,
to login to the Google server.

If it's configured under the Online Accounts, then maybe it'll offer to
re-sign there. I do not know how that works there.

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