Re: [Evolution] Evolution + ProtonMail = Blank emails?

On Sun, 2021-11-07 at 22:14 +0000, c. marlow via evolution-list wrote:
On 11/7/21 3:58 PM, Dan Kortschak via evolution-list wrote:

No, just that if you find an issue, people here have been very helpful
when I have tried to understand the problem and provide evidence for
causes when filing the issue. Appeal to authority is never a good
approach to getting people to do things.

I posted my issue to the bug tracker forum:

This will probably need more information to be actionable. This is
where people here can help; in helping you to obtain that information.


So I guess that I need to add my account back to evolution and wait for
it to do it again and take a screenshot or something? Along with waiting
for feedback here in this group?

Or you could have look in the Evolution Help menu on how to track down

I preface this with the fact I know nothing about Proton Mail, I don't
use it, I don't wish to use it. This is just generic things you need to

First, run Evolution from the command line.  That will allow you to see
if there are any obvious error messages that can be dealt with easily.

Next, have a look at

There are numerous debug variables you can set which will detail the
various transactions happing.  If this "bridge" mimics an IMAP
interface then you probably need to do something like

 CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution >& logfile

The "logfile" will contain the transactions that happen with the IMAP
server and it will allow you to see if there are any problems with the
protocols used.

One thing that may help overall, and especially with the debugging is
to set the number of concurrent IMAP connections to '1'. (Edit ->
Prefences -> (Account) -> Edit -> Receiving options).  I have known
IMAP servers get confused when they get multiple connections from the
same host.


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