[Evolution] Evolution + ProtonMail = Blank emails?

I just recently switched to ProtonMail for my domain.

I am using the bridge app and Evolution 3.42.0

Currently, I am unfortunately writing this email in T-Bird.

The bridge app basically sets the email client up as an IMAP account and
the Bridge app has to be open to connect to to download your

When connecting to PM via the bridge in EVO, I noticed that before the
emails are moved off of the server via a filter, sometimes the emails
come in as blank. No sender name, or no subject line text or a time stamp.

But if you close EVO and relaunch it all of that information comes back.

And when this happens, EVO does not move those emails off of the server
to LOCAL FOLDERS until I close EVO and reopen it.

I know The Bridge app is only meant to be used with Apple Mail, TB, and
Outlook but they're plenty of people on the PM Reddit page that use
other email apps besides the MAIN supported clients. IE Geary etc.

I am just wondering, is this a bug with EVO or some kind of bug with The
Bridge app?


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