Re: [Evolution] Open links in the background? (Firefox)

by Evolution. IOW this might be a missing feature for Evolution.
Actually I didn't check if such a feature does already exist for
Evolution, too. I just haven't seen one.
Hm, if xdg runs the same script for all apps that want to open the
default browser, it would be possible to get the window that is
focused when clicking the link, to buffer that window information and
after running the browser and losing focus, to immediately set focus
back to the buffered window. So I was mistaken, xdg is good enough
and should be usable to launch a script using wmctrl and maybe

Yep, you can do anything you like - a process can easily determine its
parent.  You can do something as complicated as you like; you could
write a python shim that determined what to do with the link-open based
on a configuration file, recorded every link in a database, etc...

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Adam Tauno Williams, Board Chair
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