Re: [Evolution] How to add a Send later button

I tried a subtle approach before, but I'll be explicit this time.

Please don't use HTML emails on this list.

Please don't top post.

Please send replies to the list only - don't use Reply-All.  If you are
using Evolution to reply to a mailing list, then just pressing "Group
Reply" will do the correct thing; to make sure it goes to the list, use
Ctrl-L (Reply to list).  This is not just an affectation - if you reply
to the list and to me, the list management software sees that I have
already got a copy and doesn't send me the list version, so the only
version I have is the one direct from you and that doesn't contain the
list specific headers, so it's much more difficult for me to reply to
the list only.

On Sat, 2021-08-21 at 19:08 +0200, Pierre THOMAS wrote:
With Send later I mean save an email in a folder like Awaiting
emails  where I am able to check an important email an the attached
files, to check the detailed list of all recipients if I used a group
of contacts as recipient.
(This is a feature of Thunderbird I used ...)
Saving the email as a draft may replace Send later ...

That is exactly what the save to draft is for - i.e. you can save
things and come back to it later.

There is also a mechanism to send mail through the Outbox folder - you
can select that it doesn't get sent immediately, it can be held for 5
mins or indefinitely. You can view the outgoing mail, but not edit it.
You can send it on its way using the Send/Receive button/drop down. But
this is non-selective and applies to all mail which may not be what you


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