[Evolution] Feature request - Mail Snooze


I wanted to pass an idea around the circle for a feature request.

GMAIL introduced a feature that I really enjoy.  If I've read a mail
that I don't have time to get to I can "Snooze" it, giving the time I
want it to reappear.  The snoozed mail then pops up in my Inbox again
at the due time, back at the top of my Inbox, so not lost in the many
mails way down below.

I realise that Evolution has the Flags feature, but, to my knowledge,
that a) only allows me to mark a message - it won't REMIND me again at
the time linked to the flag, and b) Flags are not portage - i.e. if I
flag a message on my PC, and then go and work on my laptop, the flag is
not carried over to the laptop ... although labels are.

I think what I am asking for is a way to be reminded about a message at
a particular time.  Maybe the Flag can be used, but have an option to
set a reminder date and time?


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