Re: [Evolution] evolution spam filters (3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.2)

On Mon, 2021-08-09 at 13:30 +0300, Tim Ehrenhaft via evolution-list
Hello all,

A month ago (after almost a year of spam-free bliss), I had to set
filters set in Evolution (3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.2) and am still
receiving spam in my evolution inbox that doesn't have my email
anywhere in cc or bcc... These are all no-reply spams, and don't even
have bogus "unsubscribe" buttons.. 

What confounds me most is that, when
I check, those spams do not appear (even in the junk/spam
history folder), even before I had set filters in Evolution.. 
Why/how are spams that don't seem to cycle through gmail appearing in
evolution, in spite of doing all the recommended things to block/stop

This began about a month ago with no change in my online behaviour or
my system settings - I have no newsletter subscriptions, no social
media accounts, I don't lend accounts for sharing, etc, and it only
happens to 1 of my 3 gmail accounts (he one i don't use for
I know my version of Evolution is very out-of-date.. I'd need step-
step help on upgrading, else I'd have done it already.. Until then,
do I fix this sudden spam problem?

As you say, your version of Evo is very out of date. The proper way to
update it is using your Linux distro's package manager.

Also, you don't say which spam filter you use, but if you're using
Gmail's spam detection system then you're probably better just
disabling the spam filter in Evolution. That's what I do as in my
experience the Gmail one is much more effective.


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