Re: [Evolution] AAARRRGGGGGG REEEALLY Need an HTML editor

So, as a highly experienced user of a standard, mainstream 
version of linux, using the standard version of evolution which the apt-
get system installed for me, my problems are all my own fault, and my 
requests for a new feature are worthless. 

You are using Mint 19.3. That is a LTS release and comes with some
caveats which you ought to be aware of: namely the application software
is usually locked at specific versions. Mint/Canonical doesn't develop
Gnome or it's components, so the software will continue to be developed
leaving old versions behind.  Evolution (and Gnome) is now at 3.40,
bugs are generally fixed for versions one behind, so 3.38 and 3.40. New
features are implemented in the development version 3.41.  The
evolution developers will not deal with any other versions.

In producing a LTS version of their OS, Mint developers (presumably
ultimately Canonical) are committed to back porting bug fixes into the
version they provide. It is unlikely they will do the same for feature
updates, but that is up to Canonical and you need to ask on the Mint
support forums.

Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to go on suffering 
the countless html coding errors this standard version of evolution has 
suffered from since I started using it 15 years ago.

Have you filed bugs about it?  What happened to them?

Now, I will also unsubscribe myself again from this 
pointless mailing list.

Oh well, I suppose you'll never see this ...


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