[Evolution] evolution spam filters (3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.2)

Hello all,

A month ago (after almost a year of spam-free bliss), I had to set spam
filters set in Evolution (3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.2) and am still
receiving spam in my evolution inbox that doesn't have my email address
anywhere in cc or bcc... These are all no-reply spams, and don't even
have bogus "unsubscribe" buttons.. 

What confounds me most is that, when
I check gmail.com, those spams do not appear (even in the junk/spam
history folder), even before I had set filters in Evolution.. 
Why/how are spams that don't seem to cycle through gmail appearing in
evolution, in spite of doing all the recommended things to block/stop

This began about a month ago with no change in my online behaviour or
my system settings - I have no newsletter subscriptions, no social
media accounts, I don't lend accounts for sharing, etc, and it only
happens to 1 of my 3 gmail accounts (he one i don't use for
I know my version of Evolution is very out-of-date.. I'd need step-by-
step help on upgrading, else I'd have done it already.. Until then, how
do I fix this sudden spam problem?

Keep in touch..

Tim Ehrenhaft
Skype: reverandtimothy  
US: 931.444.5239
EU: 372.5335.9733

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