Re: [Evolution] Migrating from Thunderbird via import without duplicates

On Thu, 2020-10-29 at 01:09 +0900, Bo Buckley via evolution-list wrote:
Ideally I'd like the following setup:

1.) Something like Offline IMAP or Evolution's "Synchronize remote
mail locally in all folders" to sync to a local maildir
2.) Have an incremental backup of this maildir (e.g rsnapshot on
cron) so that I have an actual backup and not just a mirror
3.) Send and receive emails through Evolution 

the more I think of it the more I agree with Pete. To achieve what you
want you'll be the safest with the Offline IMAP (or the imapfw, which
seems to be a future replacement of it).

Then you can configure your account as before, just instead of having
IMAP as the Receiving Email server type you'll pick "Maildir-format
mail directories" and point it to the Offline IMAP directory. You setup
the SMTP as before, to your mail provider. If you had looked up the
details then just press "Back" in the New Mail Account Wizard and
change only the values, which need changes. You can also configure
send-only accounts, with "None" type for the Receiving Email part.

You should be able to configure Offline IMAP for multiple accounts,
storing data into multiple directories, separately. And when you've it
all under ~/Maildir, you can backup (rsync) all of them by one command.

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