Re: [Evolution] HTML to PDF in accessibility mode

No I can't do anything more. Whitelists boxes are fixed so huge, can be
an issu.

I run on 17" 1280x1024 (yep) to "accessibly focus the seeing", never
have an insolvable size issu, but this one. And I smoothly use all sort
of applications even A/V editing (have been a 12 years pro on various
config so I'm aware about sizing also).

Is it really useful to force
display 15 whitelist ID ??
Can I CLI hack this to reduce this display ?

I can reduce the size of the window so that the bottom bit below the
whitelists isn't showing and can use the scroll wheel to move things so
they can be seen.  I can see though that there are no scrollbars at the
side on your image.

Also the whitelist on mine only shows 6-7 entries. The rest are

Actually, I've just found out what your problem is - you need to enable
the "Prefer Plain Text" plugin and those entries at the bottom will

Perhaps your underlying problem is that the Flatpack version doesn't
include the plugins.


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