Re: [Evolution] HTML to PDF in accessibility mode

On Wed, 2020-05-06 at 13:33 +0200, wrote:
It only affect inbox display. Nothing better when answer, transfer,

right, the option is for display. I do not know what you mean with
'transfer', is it like the 'Forward' function? The 'answer' might be
'Reply', right? Nonetheless, none of the three are handled by the

You should understand that the sender has some intention to present the
content in certain way. That it makes it difficult to read for the
recipients is solely their fault, from my point of view. The mail
reader software can have workarounds to "correct" it, but they'll be
just workarounds of their fault. You bet that every sender uses his/her
own special formatting, which will break the workarounds easily.

Similarly, that the black color works fine for you doesn't mean that it
works fine for others. I just received a message with the text written
in magenta color, all being in italic. It was hard to read for me, but
it seems the sender likes this (for me weird) combination. I think, for
the same reason, that it's good idea to keep the original formatting in
reply/forward, to keep as much of the original information as possible,
not to force user preferences on top of original sender's preferences.
You can always switch to the Plain Text mode in the composer, to get
the formatting lost.

You can use Edit->Preferences->Mail Preferences->HTML Messages->Plain
Text Mode->Only ever show plain and check also to show suppressed parts
as attachments, thus you can easily reach them if needed. It depends
whether the sender sends an equivalent text plain version with their
fancy HTML content (some do not, for what it worth).

It's pretty surprising and disappointing that such a tool like
Evolution doesn't fully handle black themes/accessibility.

I'm sorry to say this, but even it might look simple to some people,
it's obviously a complex task when one knows something about HTML and
CSS. There are too many possibilities to handle.

...I pray and cry for it!

Maybe there is a bug/request roadmap somewhere?

I'm not aware of other than the one I referenced earlier and that one
is considered fixed. There might be some similar, though, like to
forward/reply/print to what the user sees (you can switch between HTML
and Plain text parts in the view), but it's more about parts switching,
not about HTML modifications.

You can open a new bug, if you want to not get this forgotten.

By the way, having set black background for printing doesn't sound like
a good idea. That's an argument to *not* derive theme colors for

On Wed, 2020-05-06 at 19:08 +0200, wrote:
In addition to just above : now inbox html are only using backgroung
color theme. So we have black font on black background.

You see it, it's a complex task. The option worked for me when testing
on messages I had. Your massage may contain something "special". Having
a test message would help to narrow the issue down. Ideally attach one
such message to your bug report, if you'll create one. Make sure the
message will not contain any private information.


P.S.: By the way, Reply to List (Ctrl+L) works better for me on this
mailing list.

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