Re: [Evolution] HTML to PDF in accessibility mode

Le mardi 12 mai 2020 à 17:34 +0100, Pete Biggs a écrit :
Hi, thanks a lot. Please see screen capture. Does it really look
it should? Is there really not a missing part? Nowhere is "plain
or translated, mentionned.
Only General and Load distant content, wich
"could" be a revamping but much more like a downgraded alteration.

Nowhere else in any menu is "Show suppressed HTML parts as
or the like. 

It's below the bit you've shown - underneath the two boxes of
whitelists. (Expand the window or scroll up the contents)


No I can't do anything more. Whitelists boxes are fixed so huge, can be
an issu.

I run on 17" 1280x1024 (yep) to "accessibly focus the seeing", never
have an insolvable size issu, but this one. And I smoothly use all sort
of applications even A/V editing (have been a 12 years pro on various
config so I'm aware about sizing also).

Is it really useful to force
display 15 whitelist ID ??
Can I CLI hack this to reduce this display ?


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