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On Thu, 2020-05-07 at 19:05 +0200, via evolution-list wrote:
This option doesn't exist here. I run 3.36.1 (by
There is very few options about HTML behavior but nothing about
Text Mode... Checked also on various menu. It's french version.

when you open menu Edit->Preferences->Mail Preferences->HTML Messages
tab, then at the bottom is a section called "Plain Text Mode". The
first option in that section says "Show suppressed HTML parts as
attachments". The second is a combo with a list of "HTML modes", one
them being "Only ever show plain text". You can try the other options
as well. I do not know how those are called in French. 

Hi, thanks a lot. Please see screen capture. Does it really look like
it should? Is there really not a missing part? Nowhere is "plain text"
or translated, mentionned.
Only General and Load distant content, wich
"could" be a revamping but much more like a downgraded alteration.

Nowhere else in any menu is "Show suppressed HTML parts as attachments"
or the like. 

You can try to
run Evolution in the default (English) translation with:

   $ LANG=C.utf8 flatpak run org.gnome.Evolution

I would like to try but don't know how to reverse here?

But you'r telling me that you cannot overide fancying with
conditionnal events about standardised background & font, wich
weird to me.

No, it's not accurate. I said that the code tries as much as it can
that it works on the messages I tried with. Your message uses
the code doesn't know about, for some reason. That means, the code
should be extended. I need a test message to see how to extend it.

I see. I'll surely do that later, as for now it's hard for me to trace
back the origin of the world I'm sorry (end of lockdown today and so

It would be great to have a button to break formating and
switch black <> white <> normal as sender, for inbox and edition

The option is there, at least for the preview panel, only not
accessible in the GUI, because it's kind of experimental. See the
gsettings reference mentioned earlier in this thread.

Sweet, thanks!


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