[Evolution] Filter problems when running shell command...


I try to define a filter that executes an external shell script. However, the result is erratic. Sometimes the shell-script is executed correctly, sometimes it isn't. Lets say, 25% of the time it runs, 75% it does not. I have no clue why, it feels like throwing dice.

The script with filename "received_mail_from_john" contains the following:

(begin script)
espeak "Why am I only read out loud sometimes, and not always?"
(end script)

I also checked the filter log. It always looks good. It states that the script is called (except that sometimes this does not have any effect):

(begin log)
2020-05-06 13:39:21 - Applied filter "john_mail" to message from john <john zoho com> - "Re: Andijvie?"
   Info value 'john <johng zoho com>' of header 'From' does match 'john'
   Finished test of message uid:62958 subject:'Re: Andijvie?' from 'danny ziggo nl : INBOX' as MATCHED
   Filter 'john_mail' matched

Action: Executing shell command: [/bin/sh -c /home/danny/shellscripts/communication/received_mail_from_john]
(end log)

I have tested this "in vivo" by waiting for emails, and also "in vitro" by pressing Ctrl-Y.

The script always works flawlessly when executing it from the command line.


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